Thursday, August 6, 2009

It can't be done. Can it?

What if you did not know something could not be done? Could you then do it?

George Dantzig during his first year at Berkeley arrived to his mathematics class late. On the blackboard were two problems which he assumed had been assigned for homework. He copied them down and turned them in to the professor a few days later.

Six weeks passed and on a Sunday morning around eight o'clock, George was awakened by his Professor banging on the front door all excited. The problems on the blackboard which George had solved thinking that they were homework were two famous unsolved math problems. George had though they were homework problems.

What if you approached your major business problem not knowing it could not be done? What if you did not know that the economy is 'weak'? What if you did not know that times are tough? Would you approach your business problems differently thinking that perhaps they can be solved? I have created my own 'air' ceiling. I am guilty of seeing problems as very large when in fact they can all be solved. I now choose to see all problems as solvable.


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