Wednesday, September 16, 2009

He is My Friend

Joe Pon is the owner of a magic store in San Francisco. This store is frequented by all the stars of magic, including the giants in the industry; Burton, Copperfield, Chris Angel...the list is long.

The store is filled with pictures of the greats and want to be greats. Most are autographed with a personal message to Joe. As Joe talks about each picture he will comment, "He is my friend." I bet I have heard Joe say, "He is my friend" more than 500 times. Think about what a powerful affirmation that is.

Friends help friends and if it is true that we get what we focus on...then, "He is my friend." is one of the most powerful affirmations. Imagine opening the computer and the news pops up. There before you is a political person that you don't like or disagree with. Why not think, "He is my Friend." Instead of a body feeling of tension and anxiety, there is a feeling of relief. Perhaps, there can be a feeling of joy.

Thinking about your clients or co-workers or those involved in the transaction that you are doing, simply think of every one as your friend will make the day go better. It will probably make the transaction go better.

Joe Girard (listed as the world's greatest salesperson) used to send out cards to his clients that simply stated, "I like you." This is the same idea. Use it and see how much your sales can increase and how much happier you will be.

By the way, You are my friend and I like you.

Doug Jones
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Mantra- I help People

We all wear many hats and sometimes it seems to me that the hats we wear are in conflict with each other. I kept thinking about the hats I wear and have come to a consolidated hat that says "I help people".

I am a mortgage broker and love to assist people with their finances and home purchases..then, I teach a class called Mental Magic and help people with achieving success. And, as a magician I get the joy of making people laugh.....

I am not Greg Frost, Tony Robbins, or David Copperfield. But, everyday I am a cheerleader to people and I like my Mantra, "I help People".

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