Thursday, August 6, 2009

Basics and Discipline equal Success

Ignacy Jan Paderwski was a great Polish pianist and he was elected the first Prime Minister of the newly independent Poland in 1919. He later signed the Paris Peace Treaty and was an ambassador to the League of Nations. Every musical and political historian recognize Paderwski as a major world figure for his endeavors.

While Paderski was Prime Minister he insisted that he be given two hours each day to practice his scales on the piano. Nobody ever pays to hear even the greatest musician play scales but they are the basics of music. They are the basics and this man had the discipline to continue to practice even while he was achieving so much for his country.

In sales the basic basics are contacting prospects everyday and knowing your product at the expert level. It takes discipline to continue everyday to make contacts when things are not going well. Even the great sales people have days off. This is when discipline is needed. Determine to do the basics everyday- develop the discipline by simply knowing that you were born to achieve. you were born to win.

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