Friday, June 4, 2010

100 Sales Tips from Sales Magic

The good thing about the bad economic times is that so many of us had to dig down deep and bring back all of the basics to survive. Now that I am starting to thrive again I want to help others to thrive.

A year ago I had not even heard of YouTube and now I have postings on mortgages, real estate, magic and recently sales training.

I am going to post 100 sales tips on youtube video. These will be things the sales person can implement immediately and with some effort the sales person will soon be on a success path.

The first post was yesterday and it is titled STP...or See Twenty People Belly to Belly every day. That disciple alone is sufficient to put most sales people into the "success" category. My number two posting later this morning will be "Pay Compliments because Compliments Pay You"

Look in occassionally and see if any of the tips can assist you. Here is tip number one


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